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Client Videos

This is my client Jennifer Bradford Davis, a fabulous interior designer in New York City. She designed a beautiful table setting for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala, and I shot and edited a clip to showcase her creation.

Jennifer Bradford Davis

Below is an event I filmed at El Museo del Barrio, where artists Isabel and Ruben Toledo taught 5th graders how to paint a portrait. Some of the kids are really talented and did amazing work, but basically it was a lot of fun for everyone.

I shot all of these videos using the Flip HD Mino video camera, which creates high def, easily downloadable clips, and I edited them using MS MovieMaker, which comes bundled with MS Office.

El Museo del Barrio's Art Project

Andrew Deutsch
, anti-worry specialist, motivational speaker and sales trainer, needed a video to introduce his seminar, "From Worrier to Warrior" which teaches a systematic way to take the fear out of the sales process.