Digital Media Marketing

You've spent countless hours and resources putting together your dream business and it's finally ready for "prime time". Now you're looking for innovative ways to spread the word and let interested buyers know about your awesome product or service.  Social Media has opened up a brave new world of opportunities for online marketing and promotion. Let us help you find the best digital solutions to fit your needs. 

Site customization & maintenance

• Analyze existing website, blog & social media accounts and make recommendations for upgrades/changes
• Create customized Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts
• Build and customize social media friendly and search optimized websites and/or blogs
• Track & analyze traffic data through Google Analytics to improve search engine ranking

Content management

• Create and implement content strategies for your website, blog or social media accounts – whether it’s text, video, images or audio
• Monitor and moderate social media accounts to increase online visibility
Shoot & edit short videos for: product demos, to welcome visitors to your site, to explain different aspects of your business, to showcase your work, and to cover special events. Typically 3-5-minutes in length. Uploaded to website/blog/social media sites.
• Edit and manage distribution of e-newsletters


• Identify sites that will give additional exposure to your blog posts (blog directories, bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon,, Kirtsy, Digg, etc.)
• Promote your business through social media campaigns
• Pursue cross-promotions with other sites/blogs


• Create customized training to teach staff and employees best practices for social media management

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