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TV Goes Social Conference

posted Jun 24, 2011, 1:10 PM by Carmina Pérez   [ updated Jun 24, 2011, 3:58 PM ]
I admit it - I love reality TV. It's comforting to see the Kardashians deal with family drama, even if it's scripted half the time, and I love watching the Real Housewives (my favs are NY/OC/Beverly Hills) battling over who wins the title for biggest prima donna. However, I hadn't really watched a show until I discovered the banter that goes on in Twitter and other social media in real time, during the actual program. One recent tweets reads: "Khloe and Lamar is back on. And Maleeka loves Robert - I don't know why she's so in denial." I totally agree! Robert needs to piss or get off the pot! Finding others to share shows with makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and the TV networks are quickly becoming wise to that. A new conference, TV Goes Social, which was held last week in New York, aims to be a hotbed for the latest trends and innovation coming out of the social media TV space.

Various CEOs of social TV startups such as Social Guide, GetGlue and the company behind Miso were there, as well as r eps from Facebook, ABC News and Samsung. One of the discussions centered around what devices viewers would choose to engage in. Right now I find it a bit clunky to use my smartphone to follow my favorite shows. It would make sense to have something embedded in the TV set so we could chime in from there, but what if we're watching with friends or family members? If they want to chime in too, how do you differentiate everyone's identities? Whether social TV software is bundled into TV sets, or apps live on on iPads, smartphones or laptops is a question many TV networks as well as device manufacturers are pondering right now. My guess? I believe the iPad will win in the end. It's lightweight, you can easily scroll through pages and type, and the screen is bigger than a smartphone's. And you can choose between using an app or visiting the show's dedicated webpage. Can't wait to see the tweets for the True Blood Season 4 premiering on Sunday!

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