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Top Social Media News 5/13-5/18

posted May 18, 2011, 11:19 AM by Carmina Perez
A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:

YouTube Matches Congress Members For Debates On New Town Hall Platform

Space Shuttle Twitpic Woman Gets Paid, Credited & Snubbed By Media

$40 Million Twitter-Based Hedge Fund Now Open for Business

Twitter Surpasses 300 Million Users

Top Ten Countries Where Facebook Rules

Policeman Kills Self After Girlfriend’s Facebook Posting

New York City, in digital push, inks social-media deals

Facebook Meeting With Banks on Possible IPO

LinkedIn Valuation To Top $4 Billion in IPO

Lady Gaga Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers

Winklevoss Twins Take Facebook Case to the Supreme Court

Trump Folds on Presidential Bid, Internet Reacts [POLL]

Bing One Ups Google With Deeper Facebook Integration

Facebook Helps Residents Dealing With Mississippi River Flooding

NASA Launches Endeavour & Social Media Initiative

Twittamentary: A Documentary By, For & About Twitter

California Bill To Give Parents Access To Kids’ Facebook Pages

YouTube Launches Journalist Memorial Video Channel

AP Stylebook Adds More Social Media Terms

Space Shuttle Twitpic Launches Woman to Tweeting Fame

CBS cancels first Twitter show, $#*! My Dad Says

Why The Mormon Church Tops Facebook Page Rankings

Facebook Places Gaining Critical Mass

Media Facebook, Twitter Postings Banned in U.K. Woman’s Life-Support Case

Meetup To Launch Facebook Tab to Help Brands Mobilize Fans

Facebook Syndicates Personal Messages Sent With Friends Requests to the Inbox

Pakistan Seeks Permanent Ban on Facebook: This Week in Online Tyranny

Google Unveils The YouTube 100, Ranks Rebecca Black Right Up There With Lady Gaga

Congress Calls Facebook on Security Breaches Again

Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Sharing Of User Data With Advertisers

How the Taliban Tweet