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Top Social Media News 5/19-5/25

posted May 25, 2011, 12:42 PM by Carmina Pérez   [ updated May 25, 2011, 12:44 PM ]
A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:

4 Years In, The Facebook Platform Is Much Different

YouTube Hits 3 Billion Daily Views on Its Sixth Birthday

What the Web is Saying: Twitter Buys TweetDeck

Daimler AG Shuts Down Corporate Facebook Page Over Insults

Exclusive: Zynga About to File for IPO

Saudi Woman Driver Arrested After Posting on YouTube

Bradley Manning’s Facebook Page Ignites Firestorm

U.K. 22-Year-Olds Average 1,000 Facebook Friends

Yandex Opens At $35 Per Share With A $11.2B Market Cap (Bigger Than LinkedIn)

Twitter Users Get New Email Notification Options

47% of Facebook Users Have Profanity on Their Walls

How Jack Dorsey's Square Is Accidentally Disrupting The Entire Payments Industry

Rapture Date Moved to October, Twitter Users Mostly Joke About the Whole Thing

Foursquare and Groupon Planning Distribution Deal

Tornado Posts Hit Facebook At Rate Of 20 Per Second

How YouTube Wants to Rock the Vote

Your Toyota Would Like To Friend You Now

After Joplin Tornado, Social Media Helps Victims Piece Together Lives

HOW TO: Use Social Media During Your Family Vacation

Top 10 Rapture Facebook Status Updates

How the NY Times’ social media strategy is evolving

Facebook Roundup: IPO, Privacy, Like Button, Eventbrite, Acquisitions, Winklevoss Bros, Baseball and More

First: The Twitter Trap

Twitter Inc., Unknown Posters Sued by Athlete at U.K. Court

Toyota to set up social networking service

Chaos of Internet Will Meet French Sense of Order

#unfollowedghonimbecause: Egyptians Use Twitter to Criticize Revolutionary Leader

Schwarzenegger’s Kid Is The Most Viral Facebook Meme Upgrades Social News Curation Platform

Facebook To Implement Child Pornography Detection

U.S. Presidential Candidates & Social Media: The Tally So Far

NY Times CEO Touts Twitter Followers In Speech

The Atlantic Opens Up Editing Room to Public

Unfazed by Facebook, Google Rolls Out Social Search Globally

What LinkedIn Will Have To Do To Earn Its $4.3 Billion Valuation

Is Facebook Replacing The Need For Reunions?

Secret Service Apologizes for Bashing Fox News on Twitter