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  • Top social media news today 8/12/11 My favorite stories today, courtesy of Channel, Twitter Team for Forecasts GigaOM The Weather Channel and Twitter have launched an integration of tweets in the network's ...
    Posted Aug 12, 2011, 10:37 AM by Carmina Pérez
  • TV Goes Social Conference I admit it - I love reality TV. It's comforting to see the Kardashians deal with family drama, even if it's scripted half the time, and I love watching ...
    Posted Jun 24, 2011, 3:58 PM by Carmina Pérez
  • Top Social Media News 6/7-6/13 A curated list of the most relevant stories in the last week:6/13Iceland Drafts New Constitution Using FacebookAvailable Data Shows Facebook User Numbers Growing Quickly, or Slowly ...
    Posted Jun 13, 2011, 10:46 PM by Carmina Pérez
  • Social Media News 6/2-6/6 A curated list of the most relevant stories in the last few days:6/6Nigeria Shuts Off Internet & Mobile For Inauguration56% Of Content Shared Online Occurs Via Facebook ...
    Posted Jun 6, 2011, 11:37 AM by Carmina Pérez
  • Top Social Media News 5/26-6/1 A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:6/1Twitter and Google fight back against Facebook's Like buttonTwitter's New Search Engine: 1.6 ...
    Posted Jun 1, 2011, 8:55 PM by Carmina Pérez
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Top social media news today 8/12/11

posted Aug 12, 2011, 10:34 AM by Carmina Pérez

My favorite stories today, courtesy of

Weather Channel, Twitter Team for Forecasts
The Weather Channel and Twitter have launched an integration of tweets in the network's on-air programming, website and mobile platform. The Weather Channel also will launch 220 custom local Twitter feeds to update users about their city's weather forecast.

Twitter, BlackBerry May Be Blocked in UK Riots
David Cameron, the U.K. prime minister, said the government is considering whether it should block social-networking websites such as Twitter and messaging services including BlackBerry during violent unrest after the country's worst riots since the 1980s.

LinkedIn Backs Off Social Ads in Privacy Gaffe
Wall Street Journal
LinkedIn has backed away from an advertising scheme that exploited user photos and recommendations, marking a rare privacy gaffe for the social network. The incident is unusual for LinkedIn, which has largely been able to stay out of the spotlight over privacy.

Conde Nast: No Witch Hunt in Twitter Shutdown
New York Times
The wildly popular satirical Twitter feed @CondeElevator appears to have shut down less than a week after its launch. Conde Nast denied that company execs had been "hunting down" the suspected poster: "There was no concern, and there was no witch hunt."

TV Goes Social Conference

posted Jun 24, 2011, 1:10 PM by Carmina Pérez   [ updated Jun 24, 2011, 3:58 PM ]

I admit it - I love reality TV. It's comforting to see the Kardashians deal with family drama, even if it's scripted half the time, and I love watching the Real Housewives (my favs are NY/OC/Beverly Hills) battling over who wins the title for biggest prima donna. However, I hadn't really watched a show until I discovered the banter that goes on in Twitter and other social media in real time, during the actual program. One recent tweets reads: "Khloe and Lamar is back on. And Maleeka loves Robert - I don't know why she's so in denial." I totally agree! Robert needs to piss or get off the pot! Finding others to share shows with makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and the TV networks are quickly becoming wise to that. A new conference, TV Goes Social, which was held last week in New York, aims to be a hotbed for the latest trends and innovation coming out of the social media TV space.

Various CEOs of social TV startups such as Social Guide, GetGlue and the company behind Miso were there, as well as r eps from Facebook, ABC News and Samsung. One of the discussions centered around what devices viewers would choose to engage in. Right now I find it a bit clunky to use my smartphone to follow my favorite shows. It would make sense to have something embedded in the TV set so we could chime in from there, but what if we're watching with friends or family members? If they want to chime in too, how do you differentiate everyone's identities? Whether social TV software is bundled into TV sets, or apps live on on iPads, smartphones or laptops is a question many TV networks as well as device manufacturers are pondering right now. My guess? I believe the iPad will win in the end. It's lightweight, you can easily scroll through pages and type, and the screen is bigger than a smartphone's. And you can choose between using an app or visiting the show's dedicated webpage. Can't wait to see the tweets for the True Blood Season 4 premiering on Sunday!

Here's full coverage of the TV Goes Social conference by Social Media News NY: Facebook Photo Album, Live Tweet Transcripts, Curated Tweets, Briefing, The Many Screens of Social TV.

Top Social Media News 6/7-6/13

posted Jun 10, 2011, 1:05 PM by Carmina Pérez

A curated list of the most relevant stories in the last week:

Iceland Drafts New Constitution Using Facebook

Available Data Shows Facebook User Numbers Growing Quickly, or Slowly, or Falling

Facebook Preparing for $100 Billion IPO in Early 2012

WATCH: Facebook Will Help Shape Republican Debate

Trademark tiff is burning Twitter’s bridges

U.S. Olympic Committee Raising Funds On Facebook

How A Simple Text Message System Is Helping Latino Immigrants Save Serious Cash

Andy Plesser: Egyptian Filmmaker Uses Twitter to Gather 300 GB of Revolution Video

Iceland Crowdsources Its Constitution

Everloop Raises $3.1M to Bring Social Networking to Tweens

If Something On Twitter Seems Like A Hoax, It Probably Is


Actually, Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t Engaged

First Gabrielle Giffords Pics Since Shooting Released on Facebook

Half Of White House Facebook Fans Are Over Age 50

Facebook Helps Reunite Missing Parrot With Owner

Pandora Hoping To Cash In Following LinkedIn's Success

Twitter Reacts To Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant

WATCH: Twitter Brings Shy Students Out Of Their Shell In Classroom

Facebook Starts Testing Twitter-Like Feature

REPORT: Third-Party Twitter Apps Can Access Your Private Messages

Facebook Gives Regulators Info On Facial Recognition

CNN to tap social media, QR code in live debate

Gmail Add-On Lets You Follow, Reply & Retweet Inside Email Messages

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses 8th Grade Graduation

Facebook Tests ‘Happening Now’ Feature

Future Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson Joins Twitter

Paramount, Twitter Scramble to Create Buzz for 'Super 8'

Huffington Post outstrips NYT web traffic in May

Spying Ex-Wife Discovers Husband's Plot To Kill Her On Facebook

Iranian Blogger Loses Appeal on 20 Year Term: This Week in Online Tyranny

Beware Of Friend Requests In Iran

Facebook facial recognition: What the web is saying

Forbes places social media at heart of business

Twitter: 12% of Q1 Revenue Came From Auto Advertisers

Forrester analyst questions Groupon IPO valuation

Facebook silently rolls out face recognition tagging to the world

Zynga Might Offer Less Than 10% of Shares to Public

Hey, Gamers, The Sims Are Coming To Facebook

Wikipedia Is "Making the Grade" With More & More Academics Gets Automatic Link Shortener

Twitter Builds U.S. Sales Force, Eyes Japan

In 2 Years Nearly All TV Content Will Be Online On mobile too

A Conservative Blogger Looks for Legitimacy

Lady Gaga Will Launch a Social Network for Celebrities

Social Media News 6/2-6/6

posted Jun 2, 2011, 11:49 AM by Carmina Pérez

A curated list of the most relevant stories in the last few days:

Nigeria Shuts Off Internet & Mobile For Inauguration

56% Of Content Shared Online Occurs Via Facebook

Transportation Secretary: Social Media in Cars Is Unnecessary

1,500 People Attend Girl’s 16th Birthday Party After Public Facebook Invite

Video implying Vodafone was behind the Egyptian Revolution has gone viral

After Hacking Accusations, China Calls Google a Political Tool

Vietnam Protests Organized On Facebook

Kevin Ryan's new hope: Gilt Groupe

Prediction: Facebook Will Surpass Google In Advertising Revenues

Manhattan going digital; Mayor Bloomberg Throws Party for Foursquare

MTV may try a Twitter TV first for Movie Awards

Syria Shuts Off Internet

6/3 Adds Content From Amazon, Foursquare, Meetup & More

Google Beefs Up Social Presence with PostRank Buy

France bans ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ from TV, radio

9 Things Weinergate Tells Us About Twitter

How Facebook Can Put Google Out of Business

Snoop Dogg Fragrance Gets Cheaper As It Gets More Facebook Likes

Twitter Photos Live For Twitter Employees, User Roll-Out Begins Next Week

Zynga May Be Next in Summer of the Tech IPOs

Wisconsin Man Sentenced For Facebook Death Threat

Pay-Per-View Concert Will Stream Live On Facebook

Facebook Helps Rescue Missing Boys

Yfrog Says It Wasn’t Compromised in Wake of Weiner Photo

WATCH: ‘Grandma Got A Facebook’

REPORT: Facebook Ads Surge Despite Lag In ROI

Unborn Baby With Popular Facebook Profile Deleted From Social Network

With Journalists Silenced, Mexicans Look to Social Media for Drug War News

Groupon files for IPO, seeks to raise $750 million

Pandora files terms for $109.5 mln IPO

Facebook Seeks Contract, E-Mails in ‘Scam’ Ownership Suit

Weiner’s Office Calls Police After CBS Reporter Asks For An Interview

MySpace Sale Decision Coming in Two Weeks, News Corp.’s Digital Chief Says

Online video watching to double by 2015, Cisco forecasts

Top Social Media News 5/26-6/1

posted May 31, 2011, 9:49 AM by Carmina Pérez

A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:

Twitter and Google fight back against Facebook's Like button

Twitter's New Search Engine: 1.6 Billion Queries Per Day

Bids For Domain Start At $5 Million. You Could Have Bought It For $50,000 In 1997

@Shaq Announces Retirement On Twitter Using Video Sharing Tool Tout

LinkedIn To Launch Job Application Button

Groupon Partners With Expedia For Groupon Travel

Unborn Texas Baby Has 268 Facebook Friends

13% of All U.S. Internet Users Are On Twitter, Pew Research Says

Twitter Launches Follow Button, Sort Of Like Their Like Button

Facebook near 700M users, $80B valuation

Google Shows Off Its Groupon Killer, Launching Tomorrow

Hackers Disrupt PBS Web Site and Post a Fake Report About a Rap Artist

The Myspace Sweepstakes Drag on As Sale Deadline Looms

Twitter Acquires Google AdWords Tool AdGrok

LinkedIn's Big Trouble In Social China

Rep. Weiner Lawyers Up In Twitter-Hack Scandal

Twitter Is Launching Its Own Photosharing Service

As Zynga Looks to IPO, Its Traffic on Facebook Stays High

No, Twitter Is Not a Replacement For Journalism

After Oprah, WSB-TV taps social media for 4 p.m. show

Blogger Disappeared in China: This Week in Online Tyranny


LinkedIn Halo Effect? Facebook Shares Surge To New High In SharesPost

Social Media Distractions Are Costing Businesses Major Money [STUDY]


Facebook Is Developing Ways to Share Media

Obama to name Twitter CEO to advisory committee

SPIN Magazine "Bullies" Man to Get Twitter Handle

The Atlantic Launches Twitter-Based Book Club

Top Social Media News 5/19-5/25

posted May 25, 2011, 12:42 PM by Carmina Pérez   [ updated May 25, 2011, 12:44 PM ]

A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:

4 Years In, The Facebook Platform Is Much Different

YouTube Hits 3 Billion Daily Views on Its Sixth Birthday

What the Web is Saying: Twitter Buys TweetDeck

Daimler AG Shuts Down Corporate Facebook Page Over Insults

Exclusive: Zynga About to File for IPO

Saudi Woman Driver Arrested After Posting on YouTube

Bradley Manning’s Facebook Page Ignites Firestorm

U.K. 22-Year-Olds Average 1,000 Facebook Friends

Yandex Opens At $35 Per Share With A $11.2B Market Cap (Bigger Than LinkedIn)

Twitter Users Get New Email Notification Options

47% of Facebook Users Have Profanity on Their Walls

How Jack Dorsey's Square Is Accidentally Disrupting The Entire Payments Industry

Rapture Date Moved to October, Twitter Users Mostly Joke About the Whole Thing

Foursquare and Groupon Planning Distribution Deal

Tornado Posts Hit Facebook At Rate Of 20 Per Second

How YouTube Wants to Rock the Vote

Your Toyota Would Like To Friend You Now

After Joplin Tornado, Social Media Helps Victims Piece Together Lives

HOW TO: Use Social Media During Your Family Vacation

Top 10 Rapture Facebook Status Updates

How the NY Times’ social media strategy is evolving

Facebook Roundup: IPO, Privacy, Like Button, Eventbrite, Acquisitions, Winklevoss Bros, Baseball and More

First: The Twitter Trap

Twitter Inc., Unknown Posters Sued by Athlete at U.K. Court

Toyota to set up social networking service

Chaos of Internet Will Meet French Sense of Order

#unfollowedghonimbecause: Egyptians Use Twitter to Criticize Revolutionary Leader

Schwarzenegger’s Kid Is The Most Viral Facebook Meme Upgrades Social News Curation Platform

Facebook To Implement Child Pornography Detection

U.S. Presidential Candidates & Social Media: The Tally So Far

NY Times CEO Touts Twitter Followers In Speech

The Atlantic Opens Up Editing Room to Public

Unfazed by Facebook, Google Rolls Out Social Search Globally

What LinkedIn Will Have To Do To Earn Its $4.3 Billion Valuation

Is Facebook Replacing The Need For Reunions?

Secret Service Apologizes for Bashing Fox News on Twitter


LinkedIn IPO

posted May 20, 2011, 11:42 AM by Carmina Perez

Linkedin raised over $350 mil in its initial price offering yesterday, as Mo Krochmal and I report in the clip above. They plan to use the funds to expand operations and make acquisitions. But what do the actual users, the job seekers and networkers, want them to do with the money? For that I went straight to "the source," and posed the question in LinkedIn's Answers section. The overwhelming response? Better customer service (click here to read the responses). What I'd like to see them offer is: 1) the ability for users to post a video on the profile page, like a video resume, and 2) have a section for success stories, where members share how they landed their job.

What's on your LinkedIn wish list?

Top Social Media News 5/13-5/18

posted May 18, 2011, 11:19 AM by Carmina Perez

A curated list of the most relevant stories this past week:

YouTube Matches Congress Members For Debates On New Town Hall Platform

Space Shuttle Twitpic Woman Gets Paid, Credited & Snubbed By Media

$40 Million Twitter-Based Hedge Fund Now Open for Business

Twitter Surpasses 300 Million Users

Top Ten Countries Where Facebook Rules

Policeman Kills Self After Girlfriend’s Facebook Posting

New York City, in digital push, inks social-media deals

Facebook Meeting With Banks on Possible IPO

LinkedIn Valuation To Top $4 Billion in IPO

Lady Gaga Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers

Winklevoss Twins Take Facebook Case to the Supreme Court

Trump Folds on Presidential Bid, Internet Reacts [POLL]

Bing One Ups Google With Deeper Facebook Integration

Facebook Helps Residents Dealing With Mississippi River Flooding

NASA Launches Endeavour & Social Media Initiative

Twittamentary: A Documentary By, For & About Twitter

California Bill To Give Parents Access To Kids’ Facebook Pages

YouTube Launches Journalist Memorial Video Channel

AP Stylebook Adds More Social Media Terms

Space Shuttle Twitpic Launches Woman to Tweeting Fame

CBS cancels first Twitter show, $#*! My Dad Says

Why The Mormon Church Tops Facebook Page Rankings

Facebook Places Gaining Critical Mass

Media Facebook, Twitter Postings Banned in U.K. Woman’s Life-Support Case

Meetup To Launch Facebook Tab to Help Brands Mobilize Fans

Facebook Syndicates Personal Messages Sent With Friends Requests to the Inbox

Pakistan Seeks Permanent Ban on Facebook: This Week in Online Tyranny

Google Unveils The YouTube 100, Ranks Rebecca Black Right Up There With Lady Gaga

Congress Calls Facebook on Security Breaches Again

Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Sharing Of User Data With Advertisers

How the Taliban Tweet

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