Bilingual Social Media Services

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Does your target market speak Español?  Or maybe they feel more comfortable in English, but with a little Spanglish on the side. At over 50 million and counting, Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the US, but although they all get labeled under the same group, there are many differences. So if you are looking for ways to reach them, you need to speak to them in their preferred language, which for the newly arrived may be Spanish, while for the more acculturated it will be English, or a mix of both. Social media has made it possible for companies to communicate directly with Latinos in a meaningful way, and that's especially relevant because of their massive potential:
And because Hispanics rely heavily on dialogue amongst themselves…their social media networks are much stronger than the general


Bilingual Social Media Services

We specialize in writing and editing bilingual content (text, video) in Spanish and English for Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and newsletters. Our approach is highly customized to each individual client, taking into account the company culture, their unique products and the specific nuances of the market they're targeting in every update and/or tweet that we put out.

We offer:
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Setup, enabling, integration, customization, searches, and maintenance of account.
Blogs: Setup, enabling, integration, customization, promotion, article writing and commenting.
• Coordinating and executing Social Media marketing programs and initiatives and ensuring timely and effective execution
• Participating in and initiating online conversations across a variety of channels
Training staff and management on best practices
• Measuring the success of Social Media activities and reporting to management
• Utilizing social listening tools to monitor online conversations

* Content creation in Spanish and English *
* Social Media Management and Monitoring *
* Online marketing and PR *